Citrus cleaners

Citrus cleaners are one of the few “magic” things in our industry.

When you see the “Orange glo” infommercials on television, there is more than a grain of truth to their claims for efficacy on multiple surfaces and multiple soil types. There are also plenty of more concentrated versions and more targeted versions at your local janitorial supply distributor, Graininger, etc.

It’s also about the only thing that will dissolve and remove adhesives – handy thing to know if you ever strip up tile or glued down carpet.

They also have the advantage of being pretty innocuous – I wouldn’t drink them, nor would I recommend it, but they are one of the least toxic cleaning agents available. More importantly they are less likely to damage carpets or other surfaces than alcohol or detergent based cleaners.

Also recommended for any type of oil and grease stain in carpets –

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