Marble, Granite, et al – how to maintain and clean.

Marble and granite are both harder versions of limestone.

Granite is the adult stage – marble is the pupae – and limestone is the larval stage – if you want to think of it that way.

Granite is much older, much denser and thus much more resistant to foot traffic – thus it does not need finish and won’t stain. Makes a great floor – expensive tho.

Marble is hard – but will eventually wear down – and certain types of soil will penetrate and stain it.

Limestone is much softer – don’t see much of it in floors – mostly in walls.

Sand (silica and quartz), oddly enough, is much harder than both – hence the wear. There is something called the Moh’s scale (named after a German Geologist) rating the relative hardness of these surfaces. Silica and quartz are a 7 – marble and granite are 3.5 to 5. Hence the harder sands abrade / wear down the softer marble and granite..

Marble can be restored by grinding with a diamond grit polishing pad (diamonds are a 10 on the Moh’s scale) under high pressure when it does wear down – but it’s an expensive process.

Ideally you’d like to have the stone visible on the borders or lower traffic areas and the granite and marble covered with mats or area rugs in the high wear areas to reduce wear and reduce the need for expensive restoration processes.


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