Odor Control – Mildew – Liquid Enzymes

One of the few occasions when my wife actually admitted I knew something about commercial cleaning was the summer the elementary school she volunteers at got water damage. They were remodeling and an unforeseen thunderstorm hit when the building wasn’t properly covered by tarps. No serious damage – but when the teachers came in Monday for the final prep days for the upcoming start of classes the mildew smell was pronounced. The district employees extracted the water – but didn’t really know what to do about the smell. I gave her 2 quarts of “liquid enzyme” and instructions to give them to the two teachers she was closest to. Simple process – you mix it by label instructions – usually about 4 to 1 with tap water in a spray bottle and wet down the carpet throughly with the mixture.

The enzymes are a semi – living entity that reproduce in the presence of a food source and moisture, and mildew fungi in carpet are one of their absolute favorite foods. Once they “eat” all the mildew, they die and basically turn into a very fine dust that can be vacuumed up.
The next day the two teachers using the enzyme had no mildew smell – the classrooms next door – not so lucky. Side by side testing anyone ?
Enzymes also like to “eat” residual tobacco odor, pet urine (ok – it was the second time she believed I knew wherof I speak – the first was a cat urine problem in the basement) and pretty much any organically derived odor cause.
I’ve also used it in conjunction with ozone generators in more serious and pervasive odor situations.
Non -toxic, environmentally ideal, a perfect solution in many odor situations.
Liquid enzyme is also the active ingredient or one of the active ingredients in some ceiling cleaning formulations, some over the counter cleaning products, certain carpet cleaning formulations, septic tank restoratives, and drain deodorizers.
As always – read label instructions – it’s almost impossible to use this in a dangerous way – but if you don’t get the dilution right it will be ineffective.
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