Plant Cleaning – the "Billy Goat"

I ran into these when I was cleaning Federal Express’ facilities years ago. It’s a vacuum cleaner of sorts – looks kind of like an old Royal vacuum – after it’s been on steroids and in the weight room for about 10 years. One brand is made by the “Billy Goat” company, but I think it’s called a “billy goat” because it’s big enough to gobble up tin cans. (Aside — goats don’t really eat cans – they eat the labels off the cans because they like the taste of the adhesive) Also used for small parking lot sweeping jobs, it’s about a 24 to 36 inch wide vacuum with a mouth big enough to take in large debris, and a huge bag to hold the debris. Most of the ones I’ve seen were gas powered, so you can only use them in well ventilated areas. Although I think I’ve seen a smaller cheapie version at Home Depot recently that was cord electric – not sure exactly what you would use the little one for – maybe your garage at home?

Most of the battery sweepers we use really aren’t designed for big heavy debris – or for irregular surfaces. They work best on sand, dust, road salt etc on a smooth concrete surface. But every once in a while you get a really nasty sweeping job and you need a “billy goat”.

Bob is one site
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