Why do Target Stores have pretty floors ?

Short answer = burnishing

Long answer = big budgets for shiny floors.

I don’t know what the cleaning budget for a Target store is these days – but it used to be 200 or so janitorial hours per week. About double what a second class appearance like a Wal – Mart used to do – tho Wal – Mart’s are looking a lot nicer these days, so I suspect their budgets are closer to Target’s now.

Target stores will:

-Completely sweep and scrub all floors every nite with a machine called an “autoscrubber” – a kind of mini Zamboni that scrubs and vacuums up the mop water at the same time.

– Hi speed burnish (polish, buff – similar to a monster version of the rotary buffer you use on your car) every night.

– Replenish the finish worn off with daily traffic :

-Daily with a product called a “restorer” applied by the autoscrubber
-Weekly, monthly, as needed with mopped on finish in higher concentration.

We do some variant of all these on any hard surface floor – but Target is kind of the “frictionless example” in that they have a high need for this sort of effort because of the high traffic counts wearing off their finish every nite, and a willingness to spend money on janitorial labor to look “brand new” every day.

The more traffic, the more expense to achieve any level of appearance, including the high level of a Target store.

Cusomers with less need for “new look” floors and less foot traffic do exactly the same operations – just less often.


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