Hepa – filter vacuums – defined.

High Efficiency Particulate Air – = HEPA

Rated at or better than 99.97 collection of particles down to .3 microns in size.
Not going to get virus’ out of your indoor air – but will take the allergen level down a bunch – captures most molds, yeasts, and bacteria.
We are standardized on HEPA filter vacuums going forward – they are about 30% more expensive than standard commercial cleaning vacuums, but this is the way the industry is going so we might as well get ahead of it. We still have a lot of ” legacy” older vacuums out there – but new accounts will get the HEPA filters, we require it for all medical facilities and areas where there might be compromised immune systems.
Since carpet tends to hold allergens, regular vacuums can at least theoretically degrade the indoor air quality by pulling the allergens out of the carpet, not catch them in their filters, and push them out in the air for us to breathe. Which, if you’ve ever walked behind a poorly maintained commercial vacuum will be no surprise to you. I’m not normally very sensitive to dust, but that will do it for me – sneezing fit ahoy.
If you are really serious about particulates – say in a manufacturing clean room or a surgery room janitorial project – you can also move up to ULPA filters – 99.99 % effective down to .2 microns. These will actually capture some virus’.
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