Flu season – schools

Obviously schools and day cares are festering pestholes of infection.

Just kidding.
But the average office building has about 200 square feet per person.
I think in Minnesota you need about 80 feet per child in a licensed day care – about 2 and 1/2 times the density in an office building.
My parish school, is as I recall 24,000 feet or so for 320 or so kids. About 75 feet per person – again more than twice as congested as the environments where most of us spend our days.
Add in that half of this space is unused at any given time (gyms, lunchrooms, special purpose rooms / non – classroom space) and you can see that these kids are in pretty darn close proximity.
Thus, even with good hand washing discipline (unlikely) and repeated cleaning of “touch points” (see other posting ) there is still going to be a lot higher chance of contagion than in the rest of the world.
Probably the only place more congested is ………
……….drum roll……….
…………… a medical clinic waiting room ?
There are studies tho that show a 30% to 50% reduction in absenteeism in schools that do a daily desk cleaning in addition to touch point cleaning with one of our strategic partner’s (Kaivac) Kaifly horizontal surface cleaning tools.
Ooops – not in the budget – we’re talking janitorial labor costs of $10 – $20 per classroom per nite – $4,000 per month plus for the school mentioned above – unless you get free labor – ? make the kids do it ?
Studies were done in Ohio – and they have been replicated elsewhere.
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