Windex, 409 and other houshold cleansers

Nothing wrong with them.

In fact, they are pretty much the same stuff as the commercial cleaning stuff we use.

Expensive tho. We buy glass cleaner concentrate for about $9.00 per gallon – dilutes out to 7 gallons ready to use – $1.42 per gallon or $0.35 per quart.

A short quart (28 oz) of Windex will run you about $1.50 at Target.

The math is even more compelling when you look at janitorial industry margins – a normal mainstream mid sized commercial cleaner runs a pre tax profitability of about 7 % of sales – and chemical and equipment costs are about 2.5 % of revenues. Quadruple your chemical costs and you are out of business.

(Cleaning Management Magazine and other trade periodicals publish these janitorial industry operating cost ratios from periodic surveys.)

For a variety of reasons our janitorial franchisees run (at least the data they are showing me) much higher ROS’s – but the math is still pretty compelling.

That said, we can’t convince everyone of this, so we put Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS sheets) for Windex and 409 in every building we start. You can get MSDS sheets for most such products at the manufacturers web site if you find something else you really like to use, by the way. Target however will just give you a puzzled look when you ask for an MSDS sheet.

And, since if you screw up your planning, realize you ran out of glass cleaner at midnite, further realize that the commercial chemical janitorial supply distributors all closed at 5 PM, and need to get some door glass cleaned, you can always go to Cub and get an emergency supply. So there is a legitimate need for these MSDS sheets.


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