Odor control bathrooms, etc.

Visited the Newaire people at the ISSA janitorial supply show last month.

Saw the whole product line – specifically an ozone generator designed to be wired right into a wall to run intermittently 24 / 7. It’s about the size of a 4 plug electrical outlet.

Very cool idea.

They claim you could put it in a bedroom or other area where people spend long periods of time with no risk from the ozone – because of the tiny dose.

I wouldn’t – plus it’s probably unnecessary in those type of situations – not that much odor – usually.

But it would be great in bathrooms, kitchens, over a cat box or pet bed – areas that often generate odor.

Especially in an office or plant bathroom, this is a great idea – lots of people use those rooms – lots of odor generation – but nobody (we hope) hangs out in there for 24 straight hours – so absolutely minimal inhalation of ozone by any one individual – but it’s working all the time to destroy odors.

Their car cigarette lighter ozone generator (similar to the old Sharper Image one) is probably a good idea if you travel with smokers – while a little more exposure to ozone would result, I’m guessing the ozone would be less risky than breathing in the second hand smoke organic solvents it neutralizes.

For more data on how ozone works, see my original post on ozone generators.


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