Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have become, for want of a better word, epidemic.

OK – there is a better word – pervasive.
Basically there are two kinds – alcohol based and not alcohol based.
Alcohol kills most of the stuff we are interested in killing instantly.
Alcohol will also give you very scaly lizard like skin. Which can also be painful.
If you can use alcohol use it – if you are having trouble with skin reactions to the alcohol go find some of the water based variants. I haven’t done the research (yet) – but I doubt they are as effective. Basically the ‘instant kill’ feature of alcohol means that you don’t have to do prolonged hand washing with it. If using a water based sanitizer – read the instructions for how long it has to be on the hands to be effective.
The same cautions apply to sanitizing in commercial cleaning applications as to hand washing (prior post) tho – the minute you touch a contaminated surface, your hands are no longer pathogen free. No point in sanitizing if the next thing you are going to do is wipe your nose or touch a doorknob.
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