Odor control – daughter’s cat

Ok – time to put my money where my mouth is – daughter’s fiance is allergic to her cat. Worse, the cat finds the fiance’s lap more comfortable than the daughter’s, compounding the problem.

Bought two of the Newaire ozone generators for her apartment for a “cat christmas present”. They are rated at about 500 square feet per install – basically a room sized appliance.
I’ll keep you posted on whether it solves the problem or not.
I also hit on the idea of putting them on timers and only running them noon to 5 pm so that the level of ozone when daughter and or fiance are present is further reduced.
Supposedly you can run them 24 / 7 with no health effects, but if it’ll sufficiently knock down the allergens / dander with no ozone exposure to humans whatsoever, why not do it ?
If it doesn’t work they can always add hours incrementally until they completely eliminate any allergic reactions.
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