Microfiber – recent health based cleaning implementation

We standardized on micro fiber mops, along with much of the commercial cleaning industry, for medical cleaning several years ago. Micro fiber’s superior soil pickup re the objective of disinfecting and having the disinfectant effect persist longer because of less residual soil for pathogens to “eat” / live in is widely documented.

We also rolled it out to most non medical accounts and virtually all new accounts as well as part of our “cleaning for health” strategic thrust.
We started a relatively large medical facility recently. They’d been cleaned for years by an independent janitorial service who had been given passing grades and had been cleaning with conventional dust mops and mops.
We were amazed at the amount of dust pickup in the first day. Had the laundries going full blast – re laundered a weeks worth of micro fiber. This is a high needs customer that stated an at least modest level of satisfaction with the incumbent janitor service – and yet ………. Pretty good proof of concept – a little more dramatic feedback than we usually get.
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