"No Touch" commercial cleaning in bathrooms.

There are two pieces to “no touch”

The article below discusses both. It’s only 2 pages of big type – won’t take you long.
The first piece describes architectural features of bathrooms such as air dryers, laser activated no touch faucets, toilets, urinals, and laser activated towel dispensers.
Pretty rare to see a high volume restroom – restaurants and bars for instance – without at least the laser activated hand towels any more.
This is not because they are seeking “green” customers, nor is it because they are particularly concerned about the reducing touchpoints to reduce flu.
Rather these devices cut down paper and water consumption.
If you have a high usage restroom you can get a payback almost immediately on the paper towel holders, pretty quickly on fixtures and hand dryers if it is initial construction, and reasonably soon if it is a retrofit where you have to get rid of existing fixtures and controls.
The economic benefits of “green”, like any new technology, are first noticed in niche applications – bathrooms are one of the ones where “green” investments can already be “free” in selected situations.
The second piece, where our Peter Sheldon – VP Operations – Corporate – is quoted, refers to janitors cleaning bathrooms (and other tiled or concrete areas) with a pressure washer and a wet vac instead of mops and wipes.
No matter how high quality your mops and wipes are, and no matter what disinfectants you use, and no matter how disciplined you are at changing water, removing soil with anything but a wet vac allows at least the possibility of moving contaminants around and cross contamination.
We use the Kaivac ( website ) version of this technology – the most established version in the commercial cleaning industry – tho there are imitators now – in high soil areas. It’s also appropriate where there are immune compromised occupants of the facility.
It’s pretty cool.
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