Team Cleaning

Peter Sheldon wrote this one a month ago.

It’s been written in various forms many times in my 20 plus years reading the commercial cleaning trade periodicals.
Most buildings with an open floor plan and contiguous spaces are more efficiently cleaned by “teams” of janitors.
I figured this out independently while running commercial cleaning crews in 150,000 sq ft and 400,000 sq ft facilities in the ’80’s.
Hence I have always built my default pricing productivities for team cleaning – and lowered the productivities (raised the prices) where the building footprint did not lend itself to team cleaning.
The industry rarely debates this issue anymore – but there was a fair amount of back and forth in the ’90’s. Today, however, everybody is pretty much workloading janitors with team cleaning except in unusual layouts or odd security situations – jails, cash rooms, pharmacy storage, etc, when you need to limit access to the fewest number of janitors possible.
Coverall collectively has arrived at team cleaning level productivities in the last 3 or 4 years, so the rest of the system is now more or less at competitive productivities to the national commercial cleaning contractors.
(Apologies in advance if the link loads funny / slow – you can also go to the May issue of Cleaning and Maintenance magazine and pull it up there)
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