Green Cleaning – non certified products

Some of the commercial cleaning products we use are certifiable as green – vacuum cleaners, extractors, chemicals, and so on.
Some are not – mops, buckets, disinfectants (tho this should come thru soon) and so on.
However, green principles can still be applied to these products.
For instance, our microfiber mopping protocols are not per se green, but the lower chemical use they make possible contributes to a “greener” overall cleaning program.
That they last much longer than string mops means less waste in the landfill, also a “green” outcome.
(I’ll pass on the energy consumed in laundering them, and I have no idea whether string mops or microfiber mops are the more green to manufacture. I suspect microfiber – the amount of water, petrochemicals and energy used in growing cotton for string mops is staggering – even compared to microfiber which is itself a petroleum product.)
Here’s a link to an article (written by one of the 200 or so certifying agencies) pointing out how to look at “greenness” in the non green certified elements of our product / service.
Pretty much every janitorial supply vendor has legitimate “green” products now – but some are “more legitimate” than others.
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