Hepa Filters – when to change them.

We are standardized on hepa filter vacuums for all our new commercial cleaning customers.

Filters need to be changed periodically.
Cleaning Management just published an article of how frequently these need to be changed.
(Not having read the manual that comes with the vacuums – I’m a guy after all – the question had never occurred to me.)
Their recommendations are :
Commercial cleaning applications : check ever 6 months – change if unusually soiled, else change once per year regardless.
Residential cleaning : Every 2 – 3 years.
Pre – filter : Clean or change every 3 months (if the model you are using has a pre – filter)
If it’s a carbon pre filter : Every 2 – 3 years.
Obviously if a janitor is running the equipment 4 or 5 hours a nite 5 nites per week you want to check the filters more often than this.
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