How to choose Entry Mats for your building

It’s that time of year here in the great frozen north – snow, rain and ice (and salt and sand on the ice) are about to reappear in our commercial cleaning customers’ facilities.

Here’s another article about properly matting your facility to minimize damage to your carpets and vinyl tile, and to minimize the need for restorative carpet cleaning.
A couple of important points:
A) “most buildings are undermatted” – you need 3 or 4 steps on a mat to properly clean sand, salt and moisture from your shoes. More if you are using only fabric rental mats (ineffective for sand and salt – useful only for moisture). Plastic scrubber mats before the fabric rental mats are essential to remove particulates like ice, snow, salt, sand and mud.
B) Frequent vacuuming and even having additional mats you can change out midday if the conditions are such that the mat becomes completely saturated are going to make a huge difference. Sometime watch people walking over a saturated mat – all you are doing is exchanging one persons wet footprints for someone else’s once they are saturated.
By isolating the soil to the entry this way you avoid tracking it around the building, and among other things make life easy for the janitors.
The website is for all issues of the magazine – drill down to April, 2010, page 40, Facilities Focus to find the article.
Bob Schriver
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