Peroxide cleaners

After getting ignored by all the “name vendors” of specialty hydrogen peroxide cleaners’ janitorial supply distributors in town, we found a distributor of Betco’s “Green Earth – Peroxide Cleaner” and have standardized our starter kits on it.

Peroxide cleaners have a number of advantages over conventional cleaners.
While not certified as a disinfectant, as a potent anti oxidant it is almost inconceivable that it doesn’t kill bacteria directly.
One cleaner can be used for glass cleaning, neutral cleaning of floors, and all purpose cleaning – and, unlike a number of “3 in 1 ” products we have tested over the years it :
– Cleans good (yay !! ) in all three applications
– Is cost competitive.
Historically 3 in 1 products have done neither, probably because they were so sensitive to getting the dilution rate absolutely correct, especially when cleaning glass.
Almost totally non – toxic – although I wouldn’t recommend drinking it.
Breaks down into water and oxygen – no cleaning chemicals of any type are involved.
This also is helpful when we use the carpet cleaning version of Betco’s Green Earth hydrogen peroxide line as there will be no issues of re soiling due to residual detergents and should be no issue of browning from residual alkalinity of detergent residue in the carpet effecting a color change on the carpet’s dyes.
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