Microfiber – how to launder it:

One of the reasons microfiber is better than string mops is because it is :

A) Easy to launder – string mops are very difficult to get clean.
B) Necessary to launder – string mops at least partially release soil and are only moderately filthy after rinsing. With micro fiber you can’t fool yourself this way.
We train the janitorial franchisees on this – but one of the commercial cleaning trade periodicals put a handy tip sheet out the other day:
1) Both wet mops and dust mops require washing.
2) Wash in gentle cycle – but hot water and a mild detergent are ok to use.
3) Fabric softener attacks the microfiber – don’t use it.
4) No bleach ! – the acid attacks the microfiber too.
5) Dry on low heat.
6) Don’t use dryer sheets – same thing as fabric softener.
7) A netted bag is not a bad idea when washing – necessary for some types of microfiber actually.
Article also mentioned (news to me) that there are specially reinforced variants of microfiber for ceramic tile – the grout lines abrade the conventional microfiber and shorten it’s life expectancy.
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