How to use ozone to deodorize it "may be the most effective……."

Todays Cleanfax Online (a magazine for the carpet cleaning industry) has a nice succinct description of ozone generators use in deordorizing.


A couple of repeat observations.
There is a lot of data out there talking about possible links between ozone and cancer.
Would be relevant IF there was any ozone left in the treated room after treatment.
There is not. To avoid this risk all you need to do is set the timer on the machine, be smart enough to remember how long you set if for, and doubly smart enough to wait a half an hour or so after the machine shuts off. If you smell ozone when you walk in – leave the room for another 10 minutes or so.
Again we’ve solved some really nasty mildew problems with ours – we like the technology.
Cool, huh ?
Bob (the janitor) Schriver
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