Daytime cleaning

It’s an idea that gets kicked around a lot.  Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine had a pretty good article on it last month.

Daytime Cleaning: Physically And Fiscally Healthier

The advantages – security and energy savings – are real and obvious.  For instance we have cleaned a lot of high security situations in the daytime – police stations, the vault at an armored car company and the FBI offices come to mind immediately.

Their is a tradeoff tho.   While the energy savings described in this article are about 10% to 25% of normal office cleaning costs, the productivity of day time cleaners tends to be at least that much lower than at night for a variety of reasons.

First, because you only want to move people out of their offices once, you “zone clean” rather than “team clean” the space.  The reason we are standardized on team cleaning is that it is significantly more efficient.  Going back to zone cleaning costs you hours and thus dollars.

Second, in general you will staff with full time employees rather than part timers.  They will cost more per hour, and in general generate less thruput per hour than part timers.

Third, all that warm and fuzzy stuff where the tenants make friends with their cleaners is great – all for it – but time spent socializing is not time spent cleaning.  So, again more hours and more dollars.

So, plan on paying more, not less for the same level of cleaning effort in a day cleaning situation.

Bob ( the janitor) Schriver


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