New carpet smell – it’s toxic – but fixable.

This is top of mind because we will be replacing our office carpet soon and we have some highly allergic employees.

Primarily the odor is something called phenylchlorohexane.  I’ve learned to associate all three roots within that word with headaches and in extreme exposures to cancer – not good stuff.

Here is a more detailed article.

Chemical-free Cleaning Guide

It’s also easy to solve – like all organic materials the outgassing reacts to ozone.

Hence an ozone generator will knock down the odor pretty effectively.  Note the recommended safeguards on ozone generators at my various postings.

Here is a link to my ozone file.

Ozone | Coverall Twin Cities

Read the instructions – primarily that it is to be used overnite when the area is vacant.

Bob (the janitor) Schriver

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