Mops = bad

Obviously Kaivac has a bias.  That said, the first thing one of my vendors said to me when I got started in this business was something like “what you really need to clean a building is a wet vac” – a reference to the ineffectiveness of then current mopping technology.

We are standardized on microfiber mopping technology now – which is light years better than string mops in actually adhering and removing soil – but for large applications and applications where there is a lot of physical soil to remove (like factory bathrooms) we also use the Kaivac self contained combination pressure washer and wet vacuum system.

They do a lot of pretty good testing – here’s a posting from their web site that has been cited in the trade journals demonstrating how dramatically better a soil removal system is over conventional string mops.

Article: Study’s Significance Gets Second Look – Kaivac Cleaning Systems™

Bob Schriver

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