Microfiber – Numerous Benefits

A good article in Services Magazine a couple months ago did one of the best jobs of describing in detail the productivity and cleanliness benefits of microfiber.  It’s in the June issue – which isn’t up on their website for some reason, but summarizing:

Microfiber has 200,000 “tips” per square inch – vs a much smaller number for string mops and normal cleaning rags.  This allows it to operate like a brush and a rag at the same time.  Anytime there is anything other than a perfectly flat surface, this “brushing” action allows you to access dirt that a flat surfaced cloth would not.

This also multiplies the total surface area that can absorb dirt by many times – it’s like scrubbing with 10 cloths or mops instead of just one.

When dry, just like walking across the floor in winter, the large number of fibers generate a static charge that actually makes loose dust cling to the microfiber, allowing superior pickup without using oil on the cloth.

Properly wet and with proper chemical dilution, the micro fiber programs use up to 90% less water and 90 % plus less chemicals.

Besides the “green” implications of this, the lower water usage and the less water left on the floor, the lower the risk of a slip and fall accident.


Bob Schriver

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