Wood Floors

An article in cleaning management discussed preventative maintenance for wood floors, especially in re preventing scoring and denting.

Interesting because the procedures are identical to what we should be doing for all hard floors – whether resilient like vinyl and laminate, or non resilient like concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, and, most commonly, ceramic.

1) Entrance mats are critical in keeping abrasive soil particles off the floor.  They cite the American Institute of Architects studies on soil capture by matting if you want to drill down further.

2) Traffic patterns should be covered with runners as well.  While not necessary to preserve non resilient floors, depending on soil conditions this is often a good idea in high traffic areas to prevent slip and fall accidents as well as to preserve the appearance and prolong the life of resilient floors.

3) Where appropriate add furniture cups or replace the chair  feet/rollers as they become gritty to keep this source of abrasion under control.

Preserving Wooden Floors Can Be As Easy As 1, 2, 3 | 2012-08-31 | ICS Magazine


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