Bleach vs Disinfectants

There are still some places (day cares in some jurisdictions for instance) that mandated the use of bleach as a disinfectant 30 years ago, and the mandate is still on the books.

1) Bleach is dangerous. ¬†It’s basically a chlorine compound – as are muriatic acid, hydrochloric acid, the mustard gas of WWI fame (for you history majors) and lots of other bad stuff.

2) It does work against some pathogens tho.

Here’s an article from one of the trade periodicals on how to use it. ¬†Special care is mandatory re dilution rates, how you mix the solution and so on – read the instructions as always.

What’s The Difference? | Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online

It also discusses why and when you would use bleach, discusses a little bit about disinfectant technology, and a little bit about how the EPA certifies disinfectants.

By the way – supposedly variants of the hydrogen peroxide products we use at Coverall either have just been or are about to be certified by the EPA as disinfectants – these will be the first “green” disinfectants – or at least a close approximation of green.


Bob Schriver



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