Ultrasonic disinfection – vs autoclaves

This is extremely cool.

Some of the tests these guys did involved disinfecting an entire wheelchair.

I’ve never seen an autoclave big enough to disinfect a wheelchair, they have a ton of touch points, and so many crevices that you could never get into them all with a liquid disinfectant and microfiber.

And how many immune compromised patients spend some time in a wheel chair?

The pathogens they eliminated were MRSA and C Dif as well – two resistant pathogens.

The Silent Cleaner

The ultrasonic cavitation machines have been in use in our industry for blind cleaning for at least 25 years – it’s well developed technology – but this is a darn clever application of it.

Note also that this ties to my recurring theme that physically removing the pathogens AND removing the organics that feed them is more effective than merely killing them on site.


Bob Schriver

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