Electrolyzed water – plus salt.

This looks like an improved version of the Tennant technology that basically ( I think) breaks water down into H2O2 and O1 with an electric current.

Lynnfield Green Technologies – Toucan eco™: Activated Cleaning and Sanitizing Technology

While it worked in autoscrubers, the individual spray bottles were too heavy to catch on in daily use.  It looks like these guys have stabilized the acids and bases created with common table salt to get a sanitizer that does not break down instantly upon exposure to air and can be decanted from a central supply so you don’t have to carry a spray bottle weighted down with the batteries and plates around – as described below.


They also make a sanitizing claim, so apparently the salt (sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient) makes it work better than just the old electrolyzed water technology.

Bob Schriver

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