Carpet Cleaning – comparison of methods

This is one of the more readable and succinct discussions of the trade offs between different carpet cleaning options.

How To Evaluate Today’s Green Carpet Cleaning Processes | Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online

The discussion of hot water extraction is pretty straight forward – sort of the stuff that almost everybody knows.

While generally considered the most effective means of carpet cleaning I will point out that we ROUTINELY clean up after truck mounted hot water jobs that left a lot of residue in the carpet.  Generally the truck mounts do not use the fourth component of carpet cleaning – agitation under load – effectively and a properly used self contained unit with cold water or hot water, a lot of agitation and the right dilution of chemicals can do a superior job.

The real interesting part of this article is about “dry” encapsulation products tho.  They are highly effective if :

– Used IMMEDIATELY after soiling – before stains set.

– Properly vacuumed out to remove all the encapsulation chemical and it’s attached dirt.

It won’t work in general as a “restorative procedure” and many users don’t understand the necessity for effective vacuuming after usage.

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