Indoor Air Quality and Cleaning

Interesting article that is more of a glossary of terms than a how to.

First, he uses the term “Indoor Environmental Quality” instead of the more common Indoor Air Quality.

In particular I call your attention to the definitions of Particles, Volatile Organic Compounds and Microbiologicals.

Cleaning for Safety and Health | 2012-11-01 | ICS Magazine

A couple of relevant observations to our procedures.

1) Particles up to 10 microns can penetrate the lungs.  We standardized on Hepa Vacuums years ago that filter out particles down to 0.3 microns.  Silicosis (in my youth, aka Black Lung) and Doug with Mesothelioma on the lawyer’s commercial are victims of too many particles penetrating their lungs.

2) I’m not sensitive to VOC’s but my wife (and a number of my employees) are.  We standardized on Hydrogen Peroxide based chemicals a few years ago which have to all intents and purposes no VOC’s.

3) He does mention the importance in choosing the right procedures and products to avoid resoiling – which I have covered elsewhere.

Bob Schriver



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