Carpet maintenance in winter

This is a pretty good article, if not terrible specific about the chemicals.

Winter Carpet Care

The high points :

– Matting – same song we always sing – get lot’s of it.  Also talks about periodically extracting the mats if they are owned rather than rented.

– Targeted frequent extraction of areas near entries – same song we always sing.  We always recommend frequent extraction of high traffic areas and little or no extraction of low soil areas, even tho cleaning everything on a lower frequency would be more profitable for us.

– Special chemicals targeted at salt – This is one we don’t push as much as we should.  Some form of neutralizer should be applied as needed to areas that discolor / absorb a lot of ice melter.  Vinegar is an inexpensive and frequently used option – salts are alkaline so you need some acid – but it’s a little rough on the carpet if overused.


Bob Schriver

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