Disinfecting with steam lowers the needed “dwell time”

One of the reasons that people rarely disinfect, even tho many contractors claim to, is that it requires a substantial wait time / dwell time for liquid disinfectants to do their job.

In most situations, the physical removal of the soil that contains the pathogens accomplishes the same objective, but it is not truly “disinfecting”.

I call your attention to the dwell times required for steam disinfecting towards the back of the article.

Seconds instead of minutes.

Thermal Disinfecting

This is huge if you are working in an area with immune compromised patients.

It’s tough on some surfaces, but so are some of the harsher (alcohol, bleach, etc) disinfectants.

It is not a substitute for soil removal tho – so you are still going to be wiping with a disinfectant cleaner to get rid of soils that can be used to feed airborne or hand borne bacteria in the room. ¬†Otherwise the disinfectant effect won’t last long.


Bob Schriver

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