Mold Facts

This is from the web site of a company that sells ozone generators and other air purification technology. Mold Nice little summary.   Bob Schriver    

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Hepafilters – What Types of Particles They “Catch”

HEPA filtration is defined as catching 99.7% of particles .3 microns or larger. But what types of particles are those, really ? Particle size chart Most bacteria, all pollen, all hair, to all intents and purposes no virus’ and mixed …

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Disinfecting Soft Surfaces

We usually think about touch points, which, as hard surfaces can easily be wiped clean and ┬ácan be “soaked’ for long enough dwell times to properly disinfect. This article talks about gym mats, upholstered furniture, nurses uniforms, and a lot …

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Matting – And A Bit On Floor Care

The floor care recommendations in this article are pretty basic. I put it up because it cites a rule (2 rules actually) for matting – Ahead of the Curve 1) The LEED standard for green is 10 feet at all …

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Disinfecting Dwell Time

Here’s another one on disinfecting. Deeper Details of Disinfecting A lot of the classic advice here in a very short article. – Clean first – disinfectants aren’t for soil removal. – Follow label instructions, especially re proper dilution. – Not …

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Enzymes for Bathroom Hard Surface Cleaning

I think of enzymes primarily in terms of carpet and porous surface cleaning and as mitigating odor, both in porous items and in drains. Here’s an article that describes how to use them as odor control and cleaning agents on …

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Carpet Stain Removal – Cleanfax Article

Here’s a really comprehensive article from Cleanfax that pretty much covers it all on carpet stains. Stain Removal Techniques Only the Experts Use Pretty comprehensive and easy to follow.   Bob Schriver

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Carpet cleaning – when and what to clean –

Here’s an article we put together for a local R.E. paper. Spring Time is Carpet Cleaning Time Talks about dry vs wet methods – material covered elsewhere – and basically says clean the really dirty places more often.   Bob …

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Disinfectants – how they work

How they work. Quats, phenolics, chlorides (bleach), alcohol, and peoxides. Pretty detailed. Kind of interesting – but we operate by using that disinfectant recommended for that soil condition / pathogen rather than worrying about how it kills the specified pathogen. …

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Wax removal

Cleanfax is the trade periodical of carpet restoration professionals. Any problem you might have has probably been addressed multiple times in their “Ask Cleanfax” column. Here’s one on candle wax – a particularly nasty carpet staining problem. Candle Wax It’s …

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