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Mold Facts

This is from the web site of a company that sells ozone generators and other air purification technology. Mold Nice little summary.   Bob Schriver    

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Disinfecting Dwell Time

Here’s another one on disinfecting. Deeper Details of Disinfecting A lot of the classic advice here in a very short article. – Clean first – disinfectants aren’t for soil removal. – Follow label instructions, especially re proper dilution. – Not …

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Enzymes for Bathroom Hard Surface Cleaning

I think of enzymes primarily in terms of carpet and porous surface cleaning and as mitigating odor, both in porous items and in drains. Here’s an article that describes how to use them as odor control and cleaning agents on …

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Disinfectants – how they work

How they work. Quats, phenolics, chlorides (bleach), alcohol, and peoxides. Pretty detailed. Kind of interesting – but we operate by using that disinfectant recommended for that soil condition / pathogen rather than worrying about how it kills the specified pathogen. …

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Disinfecting with steam lowers the needed “dwell time”

One of the reasons that people rarely disinfect, even tho many contractors claim to, is that it requires a substantial wait time / dwell time for liquid disinfectants to do their job. In most situations, the physical removal of the …

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Enzymes – a chemistry lesson

This is a pretty good basic lesson in enzyme chemistry. Enzymes and Cleaning Performance One misconception that I have been guilty of teaching is that they are bacteria.  This article describes them as a “catalyst” for breaking down odor causing …

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Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is one of the more difficult challenges we face. Article in Cleaning and Maintenance Management this month laid it out step by step with some discussion of the tradeoffs in using different procedures. Dingy Grout — You’re Out! …

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Grout – all you ever wanted to know

Here’s a really complete article on ceramic floors and grouts. Among other things it discusses the permeability ratings for the ceramic floor itself and the process of glazing. Tile and Grout: The Importance of Routine Maintenance | 2012-07-02 | ICS …

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Dyeing bleached carpets – chemical spills

I haven’t had an insurance claim on this in years (thank you H2O2 !!) but my salespeople commonly tour facilities cleaned by competitors or in house crews where someone has spilled bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, or bleach on the carpet …

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"No Touch" commercial cleaning in bathrooms.

There are two pieces to “no touch” The article below discusses both. It’s only 2 pages of big type – won’t take you long. The first piece describes architectural features of bathrooms such as air dryers, laser activated no touch …

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