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Mold Facts

This is from the web site of a company that sells ozone generators and other air purification technology. Mold Nice little summary.   Bob Schriver    

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Hepafilters – What Types of Particles They “Catch”

HEPA filtration is defined as catching 99.7% of particles .3 microns or larger. But what types of particles are those, really ? Particle size chart Most bacteria, all pollen, all hair, to all intents and purposes no virus’ and mixed …

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Enzymes for Bathroom Hard Surface Cleaning

I think of enzymes primarily in terms of carpet and porous surface cleaning and as mitigating odor, both in porous items and in drains. Here’s an article that describes how to use them as odor control and cleaning agents on …

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Enzymes – a chemistry lesson

This is a pretty good basic lesson in enzyme chemistry. Enzymes and Cleaning Performance One misconception that I have been guilty of teaching is that they are bacteria. ┬áThis article describes them as a “catalyst” for breaking down odor causing …

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Coverall – Indoor Air Quality Posts

Following are Coverall the franchisor’s posts on indoor air quality. Indoor Air Quality Archives – Coverall Health-Based Cleaning Official Blog | Commercial Cleaning Blog I have a number of posts that I frankly think are less “feel good” and more …

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