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Mold Facts

This is from the web site of a company that sells ozone generators and other air purification technology. Mold Nice little summary.   Bob Schriver    

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Ozone and allergies – another vendor

Despite years of preaching the value of ozone in reducing allergens, one of my employees had to hear it from a multiple level marketing person that sells these … LIVING AIR .. before he believed it. So much for my …

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Ozone generators – chain smoker remediation

Got a huge attaboy from one of our long time customers for fumigating an apartment inhabited by a 3 pack a day smoker for 6 years. The maintenance guy went in after we had run an ozone generator (for way …

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How to use ozone to deodorize it "may be the most effective……."

Todays Cleanfax Online (a magazine for the carpet cleaning industry) has a nice succinct description of ozone generators use in deordorizing. Link  A couple of repeat observations. . There is a lot of data out there talking about possible links …

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Odor control – Ozone Generators

These require a little more thought than most odor remediations – and a little more investment – ours are about $800 a copy. They work great tho – you just have to understand the process. Ozone is that fresh clean …

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