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Carpet Stain Removal – Cleanfax Article

Here’s a really comprehensive article from Cleanfax that pretty much covers it all on carpet stains. Stain Removal Techniques Only the Experts Use Pretty comprehensive and easy to follow.   Bob Schriver

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Wax removal

Cleanfax is the trade periodical of carpet restoration professionals. Any problem you might have has probably been addressed multiple times in their “Ask Cleanfax” column. Here’s one on candle wax – a particularly nasty carpet staining problem. Candle Wax It’s …

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Carpet maintenance in winter

This is a pretty good article, if not terrible specific about the chemicals. Winter Carpet Care The high points : – Matting – same song we always sing – get lot’s of it. ¬†Also talks about periodically extracting the mats …

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Enzymes – a chemistry lesson

This is a pretty good basic lesson in enzyme chemistry. Enzymes and Cleaning Performance One misconception that I have been guilty of teaching is that they are bacteria. ¬†This article describes them as a “catalyst” for breaking down odor causing …

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Dyeing bleached carpets – chemical spills

I haven’t had an insurance claim on this in years (thank you H2O2 !!) but my salespeople commonly tour facilities cleaned by competitors or in house crews where someone has spilled bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, or bleach on the carpet …

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How to remove iron/ rust stains in carpet.

The most common place I see these is around metal chair or table feet that have been placed on wet carpet or had water spilled on the carpet near them. The normal carpet cleaning options and chemicals won’t pull iron …

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Red Stains in carpet

Normal carpet cleaning chemicals work pretty well on everything except red stains and iron stains (rust from the metal feet of a chair or table that was placed on moist carpet would be a common source of rust stains) Red …

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